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The wait time for the HCC Online Advising and Counseling Form is currently 1-3 business days due to the high volume of requests.

The Online Advising and Counseling Form is for Online students who have an assigned HCC Online Advisor or students who have general questions about taking HCC Online courses/degrees.

HCC Online Advisors are:
       Paul Ash
       John Bahta
       Christine Battle
       Paul Calhoun
       Patricia Cruz
       Robert Hume
       Johnathan Kelly
       Helen Miller (Hopkins)
       Kennia Pinzon
       Crystal Thomas
       Rhonda Tripeaux
       Orlando Zamora
       Distance Ed Advisor 1

If you do not see your Advisor listed, please call or email your assigned Advisor directly.

To find your assigned Advisor go to HCC MyEagle and select Student Sign In. Log in and go to the Academic Progress tile. Select Advisor on the left to see your assigned Advisor.

Thank you!

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Online Confidentiality Form

All Internet/e-mail/telephone/face-to-face discussions are kept private except, by law, information of endangerment to others, abuse or injury to a protected group member. Limitations and/or exceptions to confidentiality include:

  • when a client poses danger to self or others,
  • when a protected group member (i.e. someone under age 16 or over age 65) is the victim of child/elder abuse, rape, or incest,
  • when the client needs hospitalization,
  • when information is needed, via subpoena, in court action,
  • when a client makes a written request for the release of information to self or third party,
  • and, or when the counselor confers with another HCC colleague for advisement.
Houston Community College (HCC) reserves the right to monitor Internet and email usage, and this poses the possibility that someone, an outside third party, may see the text of your e-mail. We are unable to assure the confidentiality can be maintained, but we will make every effort to assure privacy. If you are concerned about the contents of your e-mail being read by someone other than the individual you are contacting, then you should choose an alternate means of contact. If you believe the HCC Online Advising and Counseling Center staff member is behaving unethically you may contact the HCC Online Director.

The information on this form is confidential and may contain information that is privileged. It is intended solely for the prospective student or student; access to anyone else is unauthorized.

I have read and understand the exceptions to privacy and limits of confidentiality for the HCC Online Advising and Counseling Center.

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